Long Distance Sailing

Velvet Elvis is back in Louisiana, after a three-week friends and family trip across the Gulf of Mexico.  We hugged the coast, avioding the worst of Tropical Storm Colin, then crossed South to Key West.  After picking up a few more guests, we crossed the Forida Straight to visit Hanvana, Cuba.


A view of Havana that you don't get when you arrive by plane.

The trip was amazing; Cuba's daiquiris, friendly people, and fantastic cigars all live up to their reputation and then some.

Sailing-wise, we experienced our roughest weather (a midnight squalls with zero-visibility and plenty of lightning) and biggest waves (8 - 10 footers, on average?  It's hard to gauge from the boat).  Fortunately, the boat handled the rough stuff really well.  None of it ever felt dangerous, and except for an occasional awkward angle against the biggest waves, there was nothing I would even describe as uncomfortable.

Since we picked up the boat new in the Spring of 2014, we've sailed over 4500 miles (which is a pretty long way!)  Every single mile means knowing the boat better and becoming more comfortable with whatever Poseidon throws at us.

We have several cruises scheduled for the remainder of the summer, which is great, because we haven't really done any marketing, and all were arranged before we even had a web site.  Look back frequently for blurbs and pictures from our upcoming trips.

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