July Charters

Twice last month, we defied the forecasters and threw together great day sails.

Early, friends Andy and Danielle organized a sail for a really fun group of "para-academics," as they were insultingly referred to in one amusing story. We delayed our departure to let some little storms pass, but managed to get out there in time to really ride the wind that those same storms were kicking up. We went West, to give us plenty of lake to play with. This gave us the opportunity to fly the spinnaker for a while.

Baby Jean-Luc, the youngest sailor I've met (somewhere around 2 months old)

Baby Jean-Luc, the youngest sailor I've met (somewhere around 2 months old)

Gradually, the wind died down to its forecasted gentle breeze, and we had trouble moving very quickly, but no one seemed to mind, since the company was excellent.

A week later, we hosted the family who won the cruise that we donated to support The Dunham School in Baton Rouge. That's the school home for future first mate Vanya, and it was great to meet another family from there. The school draws from a really large geographical area, so it was a nice coincidence that they're from relatively close to us when they go home to Baton Rouge.

We got a pretty much perfect sailing day -- really unheard of in the Summer. We left from Lakeshore Marina with the wind perfectly angled so that we could ride the spinnaker into the Rigolets. It's the first time that we've hoisted the spinnaker right out of the gate. We had a nice sail out there, and about the time the wind dipped, we were ready to drop the anchor and play on the inflatable and on the paddleboard. This lasted long enough for the Summer stalls to pass nearby, keeping us dry, but cooling things off and redirecting the wind so that we had a perfect beam reach all the way home.

They were a super nice family, with boys who were enthusiastic and inquisitive. It was another fun day out on the lake.

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